Friday, May 23, 2008

Amnon Rubenstein blows it big time

How seriously can you take this?

• The first case is that of Saddam Hussein, who in 2003 could have avoided war and conquest by allowing UN inspectors to search for (the apparently non-existent) weapons of mass destruction wherever they wanted. Yet Iraq's ruler opted for war, knowing full well that he would have to face the might of the US.

• The second case is that of Yasser Arafat in 2000, who after the failure of the Camp David and Taba talks had two options: continue talking to Israel - under the leadership of Ehud Barak, this country's most moderate and flexible government ever - or resort to violence. He chose the latter, with the result that all progress toward Palestinian independence was blocked. The ensuing loss of life, on both sides, testified to Arafat's preference for suicide over compromise.

• The third case is that of the Taliban. Post-9/11, their leadership had two options: to enter into negotiations with the US, with a view to extraditing Osama bin Laden, or to risk war and destruction. The choice they made was obvious: Better to die fighting than to give up an inch.

IN ALL three cases, the conclusion is plain: prolonged war, death, destruction and national suicide are preferable to peaceful solutions of conflicts: Dying is preferable to negotiating with infidels. The same conclusion, of course, is applicable to the Palestinians voting for Hamas and its suicidal path, and to Iran's decision to confront the Security Council in its insistence on acquiring nuclear weapons.

These cases, while unprecedented in the annals of history, should not be that surprising.

I mean really! First of all, calling Saddam Hussein and Yassar Arafat "Islamists" is bad enough. They certainly were not, they were secular and Sunni, while the Iranians are theocratic and Shi'ite. Points awarded: Zero.

But any Jew who hasn't drank the kosher kool-aid who read this crap stopped right there where I did. Mr. Rubenstein, hie thee back to Hebrew school immediately! To say such a thing and not mention Masada? Oy Vey...The mind boggles...

The Goyem might not call his ass on this warmongering bullshit, but as I was paying attention when the lessons were taught, I sure as hell will!

Mr. Rubenstein is at least as bad as those he hates so virulently. He uses his faith as a cudgel to build a specious case for war. How is he possibly anything other than the opposite side of the same counterfeit coin?

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