Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Who Let THEM In This Country?

[the attendant in the blue jumpsuit, far right, is, allegedly, a Chinese Paramilitary policeman. Isn't it strange how he got so close to Prime Minister Gordon Brown?]

Who the hell approved this? This article, from England, details what went down with the Olympic torch relay. These clowns better not be in this country right now--if so, then what the hell is the Bush Administration doing to protect us? Besides nothing? You don't let THESE kind of people into this country, ever, under ANY circumstances unless you're going to put a battalion of troops on them night and day in a tight circle.

China’s blue-clad flame attendants, whose aggressive methods of safeguarding the Olympic torch have provoked international outcry, are paramilitary police from a force spun off from the country’s army.

The squad of 30 young men from the police academy that turns out the cream of the paramilitary security force has the job at home of ensuring riot control, domestic stability and the protection of diplomats.

Questions are now being asked as to who authorised their presence as the torch was carried through London. The Conservatives demanded clarification from the Government last night.

The guards’ task for the torch relay is to ensure the flame is never extinguished – although it was put out three times in Paris – and now increasingly to prevent protesters demonstrating against Chinese rule in Tibet from interfering with it.

But the aggression with which the guards have been pursuing their brief has provoked anger, not least in London where they were seen wrestling protesters to the ground and were described as “thugs” by Lord Coe.

The Olympic medallist and organiser of the 2012 Games was overheard saying that the officials had pushed him around as the torch made its way through the capital on Sunday. He added that other countries on the route should “get rid of those guys”.

“They tried to punch me out of the way three times. They are horrible. They did not speak English . . . I think they were thugs.”

His comments came after Konnie Huq, the former Blue Peter presenter, who was one of the torchbearers on Sunday, described how she had seen the officials in “skirmishes” with the police.

Ms Huq, who was carrying the torch when a pro-Tibet activist tried to snatch the flame, said of the guards: “They were very robotic, full-on . . . They were barking orders like ‘run’ and ‘stop’ and I was like, ‘Who are these people?’.”

First of all, hell no. I would love for all kinds of people from all over China to come here for a visit. The more the merrier. This is not xenophobia. This is common sense. I don't want Chinese paramilitary police in this country, ever.

Second of all, this country is already a haven for tens of thousands if not a hundred thousand or more people who have fled China and face arrest, imprisonment or execution from the Chinese regime. Falun Gong ring a bell, anyone?

Third--and I address this at the feckless, corrupt and so-far-out-of-favor International Olympic Committee that bowed to the Chinese pressure in the first place--what the fuck kind of fuck up are you running? How did you not see the issue of Tibet staring you in the face from day one of consideration? Do you not know who this dude called "the Dalai Lama" is? Never heard of Richard Gere? Don't know your history of Tibet?

Hey--good one. You handed the Olympics to a torturous regime that uses thugs to beat people up because they disagree with the government. You rewarded a country that militarily occupies a country that doesn't want them there because it extends their control into a faraway place where they have no business projecting their power.

What do you think this is? The United States, for crying out loud?

[/snark off]
[both photos: Reuters]

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