Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Which is it John?

Another installment in the ongoing Saga of the McCain Media Mancrush

In the never ending quest by the M$M to ignore all faux pas McCain, no one is asking him to clarify the contradiction between saying on the one hand "I will not leave office without balancing the federal budget," and on the other hand saying he may not even get to it in a first term. (Must be one of those 'priorities of convenience' that seem to enchant republicans shiny baubles and paying for two shooting wars with tax cuts.)

The truth is, McCain has less of a grasp of econ than aWol (or even me). His policies, rooted as they are in his admitted ignorance of economics, would balloon the deficit and he has even proposed trillions in new spending. Hell, he wants to occupy Iraq for a century (at a cost of 12 billion a month) while making Bush's budget-busting tax cuts for the richest of the rich permanent.

Like the man he wants to succeed, he doesn't have a hint of a scintilla of a clue about how to, you know, pay for giving away all those ponies.

In other words, there is nothing even remotely resembling "straight talk" about a rich guy candidate who got everything he has because someone before him earned it - ignoring the math and screaming "elitist" at a biracial guy raised by a single mother who sometimes relied on food stamps to feed her kids.

(WTF? Silly season indeed when that meme wasn't laughed off the front pages immediately.)

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