Wednesday, April 9, 2008

These Sumbitches ain't about to let reality stand in the way of their predetermined narrative, are they?

I am watching the events unfold around the Petraeus testimony, and I can't believe the idiocy.

They keep bleating endlessly that "the Surge™ worked" but they aren't looking at the reality on the ground now that it is of necessity winding down. It can't be sustained, it was never more than a shell game, and it screwed over a lot of soldiers in the process. And now that the "Surge™" troops are being withdrawn, the violence is ratcheting up. Eighteen American deaths in the last three days. The only way it can be painted as a success is the fact that it allowed the idiot son to run out the clock. That is the only metric by which it can be deemed a success.

And by the way, who reintroduced the al Qaeda talking point? Everyone from Ambassador Crocker to that pesky little wingnut Adam Putnam are issuing dire warnings of al Qaeda having a base of operations in Iraq if the United States leaves. What the hell? It's a myth that al Qaeda is a significant threat in Iraq, and it has been debunked by everyone from Cato to Center for American Progress. There was no al Qaeda in Iraq before the invasion, and their won't be once the United States, of necessity, leaves.

The facts are easily verifiable, so why won't the M$M call any of these assholes on their blatant and overt dishonesty? What the fuck, over?

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