Saturday, April 5, 2008

Saturday Afternoon - wrapping up what I missed last night

I don't think this surprises anyone...61% of historians polled rate aWol officially the Worst. President. Ever. Keep in mind, this is a group that is for the most part old enough to remember Nixon.

This, on the other hand, surprises everyone...It is with deep sadness that we tell you of the demise of the Salon Blog Report. Friday saw the curtain come down for that august roundup of some of the best of the blogosphere, right left and center. Pale Rider and I are both extremely proud of the fact that we produced content that our good friend Steve Benen saw fit to highlight over there. A lot of our modest success is directly attributable to the fact that we got those links. Thanks Steve, and thanks Salon. I guess that now it's up to those of us who got part of our loyal readership thanks to the Blog Report to take it upon ourselves to make sure we make an effort to link to smaller blogs and help them out a little, since that wide, smooth path we were able to walk is now closed to them.

Can our children have real, comprehensive sex ed now
? Nothing good can come of intentionally withholding truthful information from teenagers. When their curiosities are not informed, they take bits and pieces and speculate, and you end up with kids who think that drinking bleach will prevent HIV. They also think that drinking Mountain Dew and smoking weed will prevent pregnancy, when in reality the only way that can be even remotely true is that the Mountain Dew and the resulting munchies make them so fat they have trouble attracting partners. The burns...

Joblessness claims highest since September 2005 The Department of Labor reported Thursday that more people filed for unemployment in the week ending March 29 than at any time in the last two and a half years.

Tony Snow-Job is at it again
Did you know that when government forces set out to take on a militia, and that militia stands it's ground and fights to a draw, in spite of those government forces having the support of the guys with the heavy armor and airpower, they badcked off because they were 'getting crushed'? I don't think so - I think this makes more sense.....Sadr's militia fought hard, and proved their mettle. But he is not a stupid young man, and he wants to live to fight another day, and if that fight can be political, all the better. He knew that the time was nigh that hell would rain down from above. There are no fair fights when only one side has air power. Accept that. You can win every battle and still lose the war. You can also fight smart and fight to a draw and strengthen a weak hand. He got the stuff he wanted, and his stock is high now heading into the provincial elections. How the hell is that 'getting crushed'? If you choose to defend his thesis, be specific and show your work.

Popline blocking abortion querries Popline, the search site is run by the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health in Maryland. It's funded by the U.S. Agency for International Development, or USAID, the federal office in charge of providing foreign aid, including health care funding, to developing nations.....The massive database indexes a broad range of reproductive health literature, including titles like "Previous abortion and the risk of low birth weight and preterm births," and "Abortion in the United States: Incidence and access to services, 2005.".....But on Thursday, a search on "abortion" was producing only the message "No records found by latest query." A spokesman for Hopkins said she was unaware of the censorship, and couldn't comment at that time.

Damnit, now I have to eat a Big Mac
Since I make it a point to patronize businesses that the Wildmon Wingnuts organize boycotts against (except Wal-Mart - I just couldn't) I have to choke down something from McDonalds, and I don't think I have eaten McDonald's since the last time a kid getting over a stomach bug looked at me pitifully and said "Mommy, I'm hungry now, and I think I could eat some McNuggets." Since the youngest one is 21, that's been a while.

Four #1 Seeds in the Final Four for the first time in tournament history. UCLA v Memphis and UNC v KU.




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