Thursday, April 17, 2008

Kathryn Jean Lopez Hates Like No Other

One of the things I need to stop doing is wandering into that horrific freak show of self-deluding wankery called The Corner...

Speaker Pelosi, Step Aside [Kathryn Jean Lopez]

As a sister Catholic, I have a plea to Nancy Pelosi this morning: Don't do it. Don't make the papal Mass about you or a political statement. The Vatican wants bishops to shepherd pro-choice Catholic pols — you can't be a pro-choice Catholic pol — and Pelosi (who was at dinner last night) insists on receiving Communion. If the pope, unknowingly perhaps, gives her Communion, the image will be a damaging one — in one picture, undoing what he's trying to ingrain in Church leaders. She knows this is a big deal. I know it means something to her — but she should have this fight another day.

It's a tough thing. No one wants to judge. No one can know another's soul. But we know voting records and rhetoric and we know what it taught. And I just don't want to see a beautiful Mass become a political statement. We'll see. God bless all who will be at Nationals stadium today, Democrat, Republican, everyone.

This is a beautiful bit of wingnut wankery. On the one hand, a woman who wants communion from her church is vilified and pilloried simply because of a public policy position that is contradictory to that of her faith--separation of church and state much? On the other hand, God Bless all who will be there, even you filthy, disgusting, horrible, no-good Democrats.

The American Wingnut, circa April 2008: I can't get the hate out of my fat fucking mouth fast enough...

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