Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Jesus - is it over yet?

I'm trying to watch the presser, and holy chocolate-covered Christ, I am so ready for this dipshit to go. Every time he opens his mouth, I call Nancy and demand impeachment. This whole abortion of a presidency has been grounds for impeachment.

I can't take him seriously if for no other reason than "he's a big believer in new-cue-lar power," and there is no such fucking thing. Do you know how that word, that slack-jawed bastardization sounds to the ear of a scientist?

I would rather listen to Klingon opera than this inbred fucking moron try to speak.

No matter the question, he goes back to ANWR drilling, and insisting that we can get the oil and preserve the environment.

Let's have some fun with this - Pale Rider? Anything to add?

The rest of you - air your grievances in comments.

UPDATE - 9:55

re: terrists -- "We are dealing with thugs and killers."

Ummm...yes...that is why we should treat it like a law enforcement issue, because that is what it is!

UPDATE - 10:03

He just conflated FISA and the PAA - and no one called him on it. Good cocktail-weenie waggers they are...

I don't think I can take this anymore and not violate my "no drinking before noon" pledge.

UPDATE - 10:06

Now my husband is ranting at the teevee - "douchebag, you can't even keep the brush cleared on your ranchette, you're scared of horses, fall off your bike and choke on pretzels. Get ass-cancer and die already."

UPDATE - 10:10

Hamas foments chaos and discontent - 'cept goober didn't say "foment."

Apparently he doesn't like competition.

And by the way - how exactly is the Colombia trade deal going to save our economy? Are we legalizing blow in time for him to retire with his first love, and charging a tarrif?

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