Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Hey, Thanks For the Courageous Stand

McCain Media Mancrush in ACTION:

Really, do these people actually believe what they're saying?

Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., the presumptive Republican presidential nominee, seemed to give a thumbs down to bipartisan legislation that would greatly expand educational benefits for members of the military returning from Iraq and Afghanistan under the GI Bill.

McCain indicated he would offer some sort of alternative to the legislation to address concerns that expanding the GI Bill could lead more members of the military to get out of the service.

Both Democratic presidential candidates — Sens. Barack Obama, D-Ill., and Hillary Clinton, D-N.Y., — have signed on as co-sponsors, and the bill has gained bipartisan support from 55 senators on Capitol Hill. A vote on the proposal is expected before the summer.

But the bill, which would dramatically increase educational compensation for American troops, has run into some unexpected resistance, both at the Pentagon and now from McCain, who has remained silent on the issue, saying he had not studied the bill close enough.

Notice that there are two glaring, incongruous pieces of information in this story that are not tied together and examined.

On the one hand, McCain wants to author his own "some sort of alternative" to the highly popular GI Bill expansion that actual working Senators are pushing. On the other hand, McCain said that he "had not studied the bill close enough."

So which is it? Are you going to come up with an alternative BEFORE you actually look at the issue? If not, are you going to offer up some half-assed piece of vanity legislation that will help you win in November? Or are you going to let lobbyists write the damned thing for you, as is more likely the case, what with the multitude of lobbyists who are calling the shots for you?

When will the media point out that McCain has no idea what's going on in the Senate? When will they point out that for him to try to affect legislation amounts to malpractice because he has no idea what's gone on in committee or in the House?

And why doesn't someone just state the obvious--McCain is helping the Pentagon screw over the troops.

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