Friday, April 11, 2008

Friday Catblogging - April 11, 2008

That would be Charlie, doing what Charlie does best - sleeping.

He enjoys Clean Sheet Day™ every bit as much as the people in this house do.

I have just enough room on the back balcony to dry sheets in the sun - and we are high enough, being on the top floor of a building on the top of a tall hill, that there is always enough breeze here to dry sheets perfectly.

The white linens came out for Zoe's futon last week, and Charlie wasted no time. He immediately got down to the task at hand - enjoying his birthright - Egyptian Cotton!

Buddy Impeachment is on the desk - and that's pretty damned close to being on the table!

Refinishing my desk is another item on that "Honey-Do" list that never gets any shorter no matter how many items he crosses off.

He does actually cross things off. He isn't one of those infuriating retirees. Actually, we are having a blast and remembering why we liked one another so much in the first place, now that life isn't a blur of childrearing and careers.

Have a great weekend, everyone. We're keeping an ear open for the news dump.


Well what have we here? Impeachment is on the table!

UPDATE - Blue Girl

Because Thersites made a neuron fire in the comments section...

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