Monday, April 21, 2008

The Delusions of Alphonso Jackson

For a man who's going to go down as nothing more than a lackey and an ethically-challenged chump, he sure knows how to throw himself a lavish going away party:

Last Wednesday, Alphonso Jackson got the send off he deserved, as you can see from the cover of the program for the event obtained by TPMmuckraker. The event, which was held in the main auditorium at HUD, included an overflow crowd of about 1,000 HUD employees, said HUD spokesman Jerry Brown. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice was the special guest speaker at the event, Brown said.

Despite the regal appearance of the program, Brown said that the event mainly involved "a slide show and a person who sang the national anthem." It was "pretty much the standard fare when a secretary departs." You can bet that the slide show contained plenty of pictures of Jackson -- and maybe even a painting or two.

You know, you only get to have the loving photo composite done when you've accomplished something. You only get the admiration and the respect when you can point to one Goddamned thing that you've done that actually made life better for people. The only thing missing were the children with flower baskets, dancing about, throwing petals upon the very floor where Mr. Jackson might trod...the better to cushion his tender, royal feet with the soft petals of that which are so very not as wonderful as he.

There are royal weddings that aren't as lavish as Jackson's "get the hell out of town before the indictments hit" party. Jeebus. What a delusional train wreck of a Federal political appointee.

h/t to TPMMuckraker...

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