Friday, April 4, 2008

Another wingnut congressman who needs to be unemployed

Wingnut North Carolina congressman Patrick McHenry knows what the lives of your loved ones in uniform are worth.

Twenty-five cents.

That is what "two-bit" means.

McHenry recently went on one of those idiotic taxpayer-funded congressional junkets to Iraq, you know the ones, the potentates blow in and disrupt important work so they can be treated to a dog-and-pony show and a couple of nights in one of Saddam's palaces.

Then he came back home and gave a speech in which he lied about a death occurring in the Green Zone while he was there (it didn't happen, he said it did. There was a rocket attack, but no one died.)

That is outrageous enough. But the really offensive thing this warmongering tool said was referring to the Soldier who wouldn't let him into the gym without credentials a "two bit security guard." Then he demanded to see the soldiers superior.

It did my heart good to read that the superior saw it the soldiers way and the wingnut warmonger was escorted back to his sleeping quarters.
McHenry’s gaffe occurred in his telling of a story about his recent two-day visit to Iraq. He said he was stopped by a military guard in the area known as the Green Zone, when he was going “to the gym” in the early morning hours on Easter after being unable to sleep.

The congressman belittled the sentry- referring to him as a “two-bit security guard”- for following his orders by not allowing him to enter the gym without “proper credentials,” according to McHenry’s own telling of the story to an audience of some 160 Republicans.Even after demanding to see the guard’s superiors, by McHenry’s own account, he still was refused entry into the gym and was told he had to return to his room, in a pool house at one of Saddam Hussein’s former palaces in the Baghdad area. (emphasis added.)

Can we please start throwing some of this crap back at these idiots - and can the M$M get over painting these hypocritical bastards as the pro-troop party? They so obviously aren't.


From last year...

Rep. McHenry throws his back out

Rep. Patrick McHenry (R-N.C.) may have had it with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) these days, or else he’s really having back issues.
Last week the congressman, known for his firebrand politics against Pelosi, was spotted walking stiffly through the Speaker’s Lobby with a slight hunch in his neck. To say he looked like he was in wrenching pain is an understatement.
“I’ll pray for you,” a female security guard called after him.
“Thank you,” he replied, turning his head barely to the right, telling her he was going to the doctor that afternoon.
McHenry Spokesman Wes Climer joked, “It’s a reoccurring injury from saving a group of Boy Scouts and nuns from a bear.”
More like the other way around.

Update II - By Blue Girl

Let's see what our favorite Conservative blogger - the inimitable John Cole - has to say about this incident:

If McHenry was a Democrat there would be a full on red alert action report sent across the WingNetTM. Kerning charts would be pulled out for referencing. Cheeto’s and Mountain Dew stock would triple. McHenry’s countertops would be inspected, and the Confederate Yankee would spend a week linking all the times McHenry had been in the same state as Barack Obama, showing decisively that Obama hates the troops (Jake Tapper would note that he thought this was the case, because he has a really keen sense for traitors- ask anyone in his family). We would learn that someone in McHenry’s family tree did something vaguely subversive in the 1960’s (maybe smoked a joint while listening to Jimi Hendrix’s version of the Star Spangled Banner, rather than standing erect and proudly displaying a lapel pin).

The Instapundit would kick his passive/aggressive BS into overdrive, linking every rambling yahoo on the intertrons who wants to proudly display their patriotism (500 different links to poorly written proclamations without the benefit of a shift key that “OUR TROOPS AIN’T JUST SECURITY GUARDS THEY ARE THE BEST AND THE BRIGHTESTEST). Red State would send out a fundraising letter for another 25k for website development to combat evil leftist smears against our troops. Mickey Kaus would stop goat-fucking long enough to pen a column about his outrage, and since he is a Democrat himself (wink, wink), this would give the outrage enough respectability that the odious fool Howie Kurtz would write six columns about it, describing the outrage, pushing the story until finally there would be wall to wall coverage on the cable networks until Wolf Blitzer asks the poll question:

“Why do Democrats hate our troops and why do they hate the country, and how can they expect to win the Presidency with that attitude? ”

That is what would fucking happen.

Yup, that pretty much puts it in a package and ties it up with a pretty bow, dontcha think?

And that ability to see more than one side of an issue is why we love, love, love John Cole!

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