Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Accidental Drownings Or Murder By Cult?

Something to think about:

An NYPD Detective who was on the case in 1997 stayed on it as a private citizen and began to investigate young men who vanished under similar circumstances in upstate New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Wisconsin, Iowa and beyond.

Kevin Gannon is leading a team of experts, bankrolling the probe with his own money, he says, and "connecting dots" that outline a monstrous plot.

What appear to be a drownings to local police, he insists, are really cult-like murders. He says there are no obvious signs of trauma or distress that could come from someone falling, and in several of the cases he and people have traced river and harbor currents to pinpoint probable points of entry and found chillingly similar "smiley face" graffitti tags that could be tied to a loosely affiliated gang.

"These people are being placed in the water," he says. "It's just preposterous to think these men are all coming out of a bar and walking into the water."

Professor P. Lee Gilbertson, who is also on the team, is more specific. "This a national organization that revels in the killing of young men," he says.

This is a kind of follow up to the polygamy cult post. What happens when you get people together in a small group is nothing short of horrific. I have no idea whether this is true or not. Nothing surprises me anymore.

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