Thursday, March 13, 2008

Somebody Shut Michael O'HANLON The Hell Up (Part 3,524)

Really, this guy just gets worse and worse by the fucking day.

Michael O'Hanlon comments on the departure of Admiral William Fallon from US Central Command:

"I can't clearly see what the reason would be for why he resigned," said O'Hanlon who is a senior fellow at the Brookings Institution think tank in Washington.

"Obviously, he said a couple of things that maybe were a little off-key from what the administration was otherwise saying -- the implication that we shouldn't be threatening for against Iran, for example," AFP quoted him as saying.

O'Hanlon claimed that the reason the 63-year-old resigned may have been that he simply 'lost heart' out of sheer exhaustion.

"Although Fallon oversees the Middle East region, the success that General Petraeus has had in Iraq may overshadow his ability to be effective in the job," explained the military expert.

You can't see why? The MAN WAS FIRED, you ignorant jackass. O'Hanlon gets paid to think for a living and he can't recognize when a man gets fired? Jeebus.

So it's not okay to say "General Betray-us" but it's totally kosher to say that a man who's served his country for 42 years, served in three 4-star billets, and performed 1,300 carrier arrested landings in an aircraft is somehow a coward who has lost heart? You know, Fallon saw combat in Vietnam. He was skillful enough NOT to get shot down and captured. Doesn't that make him MORE qualified to be President than McCain? I mean, if we're going to start going after people, why not go there?

What the FUCK? How is this even permitted? How is it that O'Hanlon isn't being laughed out of the building every time he utters something this ridiculous?

When someone loses their heart to carry on in the military, they drop their retirement papers and leave. It ain't hard. Once you roll over the point where you're permitted to retire, you work til it's time. Granted, Fallon was an older guy--but does he look like someone who's bloated, out of shape and tired? I guarantee you--the guy in the picture above probably runs his office on full tilt and probably runs his staff ragged because he, himself runs himself ragged. That's what a goddamned Admiral does, and you don't get to hold three 4-star billets by being a golf-playing layabout who takes a lot of unscheduled four day weekends.

Unbelieveable. Wingnuts and neocons just spew shit and the media laps it up. Of course it's okay to go after Fallon--he stood in the way of their next chance at glory, a war with Iran.

The second Petraeus says something to derail war with Iran, and don't hold your breath that he will suddenly discover his conscience, he will suddenly be "tired and worn out" just like Admiral Fallon.


I was mad when I wrote this--title said "O'Fallon" when it should have said O'Hanlon.

My Bad! Thanks to ckelly

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