Friday, March 14, 2008

So What's Wrong With THIS Headline

Yeah. it's Drudge. What are you gonna do?

Wow! There's trouble? In Canyon Gulch? And little Timmy is trapped under a log? And a mountain lion is close to eating him?

Wait--that doesn't make any sense. I just made that up. Well, guess what? So did Drudge. I really can't find any substantive article that indicates there's anything approaching a serious money problem from donors--in fact, people are giving money to Democrats right and frickin' left. If they're threatening Dean, it doesn't show. The DNC is low on cash because it is organizing in ALL 50 STATES. And the primary turnout shows it to be a MASSIVE SUCCESS. There is now a Democratic Party presence in places like Wyoming that has never been seen before, for example.

So Drudge runs this--but, curiously, THIS is what the Hill has to say today:


The Senate Republican campaign committee’s motto from early on in the 2008 cycle has been “Two Seats” — the net gain it needs in November to retake the majority.

But a resigned National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC) Chairman John Ensign (Nev.) said this week that goal is a “very long stretch” at this point, and he conceded that recruitment failures and an unhelpful Senate GOP conference have hindered his efforts in what was already a perilous cycle.

A difficult week on the recruiting front has further prevented the committee from playing much offense in 2008, as wealthy candidates in New Jersey and South Dakota opted out and the window for recruiting top-tier candidates has apparently passed in most of the NRSC’s top-targeted states.

Ensign said about half of the Senate’s 49 GOP members are “not even close” to being on pace to raise the amount of money they are expected to for the committee and fellow candidates. The members are expected to raise between $750,000 and $3 million, depending on seniority and stature.

And here:

The National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) said Thursday that former Treasurer Chris Ward apparently funneled several hundred thousand dollars to his personal and business bank accounts from the committee’s funds.

The transfers caused the committee to severely over-report its cash-on-hand totals in recent financial reports.

In an update on its internal review of the accounting irregularities that were revealed in late January, the NRCC said the funneling dates back to 2004 and that its cash on hand in its most recent financial report is actually $740,000 less than it initially reported.

Oh, and this is from December, but you get the drift:

WOW! It's a calamity!
The real story is not that there is some kind of "money problem" facing the Democrats. The real story is that the Republican Party is in hysterics and collapse, and Drudge wants to make sure no one notices that.

Hence, the bullshit headlines.

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