Monday, March 10, 2008

The National Review Online NAILS it!!!

Yeah! This is the kind of brilliant analysis we need right now!

[by someone named Deroy Murdock]
Now that he has embarrassed the “experts” and naysayers by clinching the Republican nomination and securing President Bush’s endorsement, Sen. John McCain can focus on picking his running mate. Three potential vice presidents merit the Arizona Republican’s immediate consideration. [we're just gonna look at 1]

Former New York Mayor Rudolph W. Giuliani, 63, would add considerable executive experience to a ticket headed by a legislator. His experience in managing a $40.2 billion government with some 216,000 employees would prove an invaluable complement to the political skills of a president who mainly has written legislation, debated, and voted on Capitol Hill since 1983. Giuliani’s counterterrorism credentials are sterling, and would burnish McCain’s reputation as a foreign-policy hawk who would fortify America’s national security. Giuliani is popular with fiscal conservatives, given his mayoral tax-cutting record, as well as his maintenance of Gotham spending at one percent below inflation - an achievement that seems almost pious compared to the free-spending bacchanal that Republicans hosted between 2001 and 2007.

Giuliani also could help make New York and its 31 electoral votes competitive for Republicans, along with adjacent Connecticut and New Jersey.

Ha ha ha ha ha ha! I can't stop laughing! The only person who would pick Guiliani to run as VP would be...well, I would. But I sorta want to see the Republicans lose.

You don't pick the guy who collapsed, who proved to be a terrible retail politician, who showed that he was inept, incompetent, and unable to find decent people to run his campaign to run for VP. You pick someone who will help. Not hurt you mortally and draw the stink of failure and big manure-loving flies.

Murdock actually BELIEVES that New York and New Jersey would actually go McCain's way if Guiliani were on the ticket? Who pays for this kind of analysis? What kind of wingnut welfare actually pays an adult to write something so goddamned ridiculous?

Here's how Guiliani did in Florida:

John McCain - 36% (Winner)
Mitt Romney - 31%
Rudy Giuliani - 15%
Mike Huckabee - 13%
Ron Paul - 3%

And here's how he did in the aforementioned New York and New Jersey, albeit, AFTER he got out of the race on January 30.

New York
Candidate Votes %
McCain----------------310,814 51%
Romney----------------168,801 28%
Huckabee--------------65,648 11%
Paul------------------38,918 7%
Giuliani--------------18,566 3%

New Jersey
McCain-----------------310,427 55.43%
Romney-----------------158,974 28.39%
Huckabee---------------45,781 8.18%
Paul-------------------26,952 4.81%
Giuliani---------------14,721 2.63%

Wow--McCain sure would like to get that whopping 3 and 2.6 percent that Guiliani got, wouldn't he?

You can't make this stuff up--the Republicans actually believe McCain would carry NY and NJ with Guiliani on the ticket. THAT'S delusional for you.

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