Thursday, March 13, 2008

Gender Politics From Ace of Spades

Only a handful of delusional right wing hate merchants rise to the spectacular level of misplaced snark, misogynistic declarations of intent to do something that would never happen, and overall shitheadedness as Ace of Spades.

Fixed the logo for you, by the way.

Hitchens vs. Poehler, Silveman, Wiig, Etc.

...Now, I mention this, because if you click on that vid, you might be a bit taken aback by Hitchens seemingly casual exclusion of "dykes" and "Jews" (and "hefty" women too) from the female sex altogether. I was; I started out this post asking what the hell he was trying to say here. Vanity Fair milks the comment by doing a sinister three stage zoom in as he says "dykes, or hefty, or Jews."

However, whether you agree with his point or not (and I don't -- he's just making shit up as he goes to be provocative, but there's no crime in that), it isn't the offhandedly brutal bit of antisemitism (and anti-lesbianism, and No Fat Chickery) it seems to be at first. He's just rescuing his point by setting those three categories apart and branding them a sub-type of male humor.

Anyway, more ammo for the gender war, I guess.

Man, is Kirstin Wiig cute. I would hit that like the cannonball hitting the fat guy's belly in slow motion.

By the way, I'm not really kissing up to women again in saying Hitchens is just making shit up. Of course man are more frequently funny than women, and of course men are funnier than women on average, and all the rest of it. I mean, duh.

But his original article claimed there were no funny women (except those male-ish dykes, Jews, and fatties), which is obviously just stupid.

Uh huh. Glad to know you would "hit that." Too bad the only thing you're hitting is the floor when the blood runs out of the pencil-sized dick you're rubbing like a lotto ticket on payday.

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