Thursday, December 20, 2007

Senate to stay in Pro Forma session over the winter break

The Senate will stay in Pro Forma session during the winter break to deny the little idiot the opportunity to use recess appointments to put mendacious thugs like Sam Fox in positions that they wouldn't have a prayer of being confirmed to.

The Fox appointment might have been the proverbial straw that broke the donkeys back. Sam "Swift Boat" Fox was nominated for an ambassadorship, and withdrawn because the votes weren't there to confirm him. When Congress recessed for the Easter break, Bush made an end run around decency and installed Sammy-the-Swiftboat-liar via a recess appointment.

I have to give the devil his due here - I have been one of those Democrats screaming the loudest for real leadership. I would prefer that the feckless Republican bastards be treated exactly the way they insisted on treating the Democrats for the entire Bush administration. I want my pound of flesh, and I don't even pretend to deny it. I want the fuckers to bleed and sputter and whine like the little bitches they are.

So when I see a scintilla of spine, a modicum of moxie or even a dram of determination - I am happy for it. It fortifies me for the upcoming fight, and since I want more, and better - with the emphasis on better - Democrats, I will take all the fortification I can get.

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