Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Morning News Round-Up: Hubby's Birthday Edition

Months before the CIA destroyed those tapes that (apparently) shows CIA operatives torturing suspects, a court order was issued demanding they not destroy evidence. But it's all cool - while everyone was focused on Guantanamo, the torture was apparently going on in those CIA "black sites" in places like Uzbekistan and the like.

Immigration is, apparently, the "new gay" in Republican circles. So long as they have someone to hate and blame for all the woes in the country without sweeping their own back stoop, they can continue on their self-righteous and deluded merry way. Praise Ja-hay-Zeus!

Violence in Iraq seems to be increasing as the unsustainable Surge™ of American forces draws down. Today, 27 were killed and at least 100 injured in bomb blasts in Amara as separate Shiite groups battle for control of oil and political power. (Washington Post puts the death toll at 46 and injured at 149 - so far.)

China has gone on a buying spree and accumulated lots of passenger aircraft, but a pilot shortage means they have no one to fly the new aircraft. They need to add 2500 new pilots per year for at least two decades to get the worth out of their shiny new toys. For the first time, Chinese authorities are allowing foreign pilots to take the stick and rudder and fly their aircraft, poaching pilots from as far away as Brazil.

After four years of neglecting the conflict in Afghanistan to concentrate on the clusterfuck in Iraq, Secretary of Defense Bob Gates is criticizing NATO allies for not doing enough to save American bacon in the forgotten war.

Illiteracy is soaring among Iraq's refugee children. At least 300,000 are not enrolled in school in the countries where their families have sought refuge. Prior to the U.S. invasion of the country, Iraq had one of the highest literacy rates in the region.

Last night on the CBS Evening News, Republican contenders Huckabee and Thompson asserted that global warming is "overblown." Is that so? They should tell it to Greenland.

That's all for now - I leave you in the capable hands of Pale Rider. I'll be back this evening. If we're lucky, I won't be blogging drunk...

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