Thursday, December 13, 2007

Just Another Day in a Terrified Land

Imagine what would have happened if someone had sung a song about puppies and love and cotton candy...


ROXBURY, Conn. (AP) ― A scary threat to a teacher at a Roxbury school turned out to be nothing more than some bad singing.

State police say a teacher at Booth Free School barricaded herself in a classroom Wednesday when she mistook someone singing a Guns N' Roses song over the public address system for a threat.

Her 911 call brought in troopers and police dogs who detained three men until an investigation at the scene cleared up the misunderstanding.

Troopers discovered that the three teens, one of them a custodian at the school, had been playing with the public address system.

Police say one of them sang "Welcome to the Jungle" into the microphone. The song contains the lyrics "You're in the jungle baby; you're gonna die."


Now, is this because Americans are subjected to endless stories about violence in school, terror threats at home, and racially charged hate mongering from Presidential candidates? Is this typical of a country gone mad with fear and paralyzed with stupidity?

Fire that idiot and don't let her near children. She does not have the "judgement" to teach anyone anything. "Judgement" is defined as the ability to question what you hear and use some common sense to assess whether there really might be a "threat." And if you can't tell a threat from someone screwing around, who's problem is that? It's your problem.

It reminds me of this incident:

The January 31, 2007 Boston Mooninite scare (also known as the Boston advertising security scare, Aqua-Gate, Boston Mooninite Massacre or Boston bomb scare) occurred when Boston police officers mistakenly identified small electronic devices found throughout Boston and the surrounding cities of Cambridge and Somerville as improvised explosive devices. The devices turned out to be battery-powered LED placards with an image of a cartoon character called a "mooninite". The placards were part of a guerrilla marketing campaign for Aqua Teen Hunger Force Colon Movie Film for Theaters, a film based on the animated TV series Aqua Teen Hunger Force (ATHF) on Cartoon Network's Adult Swim late-night programming block.

This harmless marketing prank caused the city of Boston to collectively lose its fucking mind:

During the preliminary investigation at the site, the police found that the device shared some characteristics with improvised explosive devices, except the actual explosive. These characteristics included an identifiable power source, circuit board with exposed wiring, and electrical tape. After the initial assessment, the Boston police shut down the northbound side of I-93 and parts of the public transportation system. Just after 10 a.m. the bomb squad used a small explosive filled with water to destroy it as a precaution. MBTA Transit police Lieutenant Salvatore Venturelli told the media at the scene, "This is a perfect example of our passengers taking part in Homeland Security." He refused to describe the object in detail because of the ongoing investigation responding that "It's not consistent with equipment that would be there normally," Investigators were trying to determine "if it was a hoax or something else entirely" according to Venturelli.

Oh, to live in a country where people are savvy enough to walk down to the room where the intercom is located and yell, "you suck" or maybe "you want some of this?"

"Judgement" is a precious commodity, and this country seems to lose more and more of it every single day.

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