Saturday, December 8, 2007

Congressional Dems...have you been paying the least bit of attention?

Apparently not.

After weeks of posturing and tough talk, the Congressional Dems are set to bravely cave in to the bloodthirsty jackals of the Republican party.

But cave they will, because if we learned anything from FISA, it is that congressional vacations are sacred and can't be fucked with. Congress getting their sixty-ninth vacation break of the year will take precedence over the will of the people on this, just like it did in August when they simply had to get to the beach, and the hell with the Fourth Amendment.

Here is a sneak-peek at the plot-line for Pelosi's little scene-chewing operetta that will open this week:
  • First, the House will pass a version of the omnibus spending bill that will not include any war funding.
  • Next, it's to the Senate, where Majority Leader Milquetoast Reid will allow those craven fucks on the repugnant side of the aisle to attach a spending amendment to fund the war. It will have no timelines.
  • After the amendment is attached, the bill will go to conference where compromise language for the legislation will be hammered out.
  • Finally, Pelosi will allow it to pass quietly - without timelines - probably late on the last day before the Christmas break.
All this disgustingly transparent little ploy will be missing is a balcony and an overwrought anthem bleated out by Madonna.

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