Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Calling All Wingnuts

Just a random thought...

IF the National Intelligence Estimate done on Iran, which basically says that they abandoned their nuclear weapons program in 2003 and don't pose the kind of threat that has been talked about repeatedly by the Bush Administration, is flawed and "political" and "wrong"

THEN it stands to reason...

We should NOT allow the intelligence agencies to have access to United States telecommunications traffic, NOR CAN WE trust that the warrantless wiretaps that they have done have done anything to protect America since 9/11


they are incompetent, can't do their jobs, can't protect American citizens from harm and we should therefore expect that the Congress should oversee their efforts, refuse to fund them if they cannot get their act together, and change their fundamental makeup.

And, ALSO, we should expect that, in the wake of this NIE, that DNI McConnell, DCI Hayden, and all the heads of the various intelligence agencies should thus resign immediately so that NEW BLOOD can be brought into these organizations in order to


Am I missing something, or is there a disconnect? The people who need to trample our privacy rights sure fucked up when they failed to reinforce a prejudice about Iran, didn't they?

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