Friday, November 16, 2007

Why Yes! I am a Bitch!

And you know what else? I am damn proud of it.

If you read this blog, you know that I am not prone to suffering fools gladly, and I really, really hate me some stupid. I have no qualms whatsoever about calling a moron a moron and a frothing fuckwit a frothing fuckwit. I mock, I scorn, I deride, I chide. I chastise, humiliate and skewer. I'm not prejudiced, I pretty much hate every damned body.

Any woman who aspires to any sort of responsibility or leadership role in her professional life needs to embrace that term and make it her own, because if it isn't get hurled at her openly, it will be sniped behind her back. That's just how it is.

And the Republicans are the chickenshit party that lacks the balls to say it to a woman's face.

Remember 1984? Babs "Republicunt" Bush called Geraldine Ferraro a "rhymes with rich" and then in 1995, the slimy scumbag Newt, via his white-trash mother called Hillary a "rhymes with witch" (but that was Connie Chung's fault...however, she's a bitch too...) And now, at a McCain rally we have a well-appointed looking older woman rising to asked Mad Jack Insane "How do we stop the Bitch?"

I detect a pattern of cowardice - these manly men of the wide stance and the public bathroom solicitation and the adultery - send women that look like someones Nana to hurl the epithet that would get them torn limb-from-limb if they uttered it themselves, so the yellow-bellied fuckers don't. They hide under grandma's petticoats instead.

Now - here is my question...Who do you want to send to negotiate with our adversaries? The sniveling wimps who can't face down a girl without their mommies help? Or the brassy bitch who scares them shitless?

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