Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Wednesday, in brief....

I picked the wrong week for a crash!

But here is what caught my ear on the radio today..

China has declared religious symbols and literature forbidden items at the Olympics. No bibles, and presumably Korans, Talmuds and Bhagavad Gitas...So when the Israeli and Greek athletes file into the stadium for the opening ceremonies, will they be allowed to display their flags?

Pat Robertson has endorsed Rudy, eroding at last the tiniest shred of an island of morality the religious right had to stand on. It isn't about the issues, it's about power. Don't let the feckless, willfully ignorant bastards tell you otherwise. Fucking hypocrites.

The State Department has joined in the pile-on and posted a letter by a Foreign Service Officer on Dipblog that implies that the officers reluctant to serve in the embassy in Iraq are Wimps and Weenies.

The Dollar continues to slide, and oil prices continue top climb, and Hundred-dollar a barrel is in the immediate future. Feeling smug about my long-standing dedication to public transportation...

House and Senate negotiators approved a $459 war-funding bill, but didn't cave on an additional $70 billion the bloodthirsty Republican chickenhawks wanted to continue the criminal war apace, with no restrictions whatsoever. It's something, but I'm still pissed off at Democrats in the Congress who think that the campaign issue next fall is more important than doing what's right now and defundign this clusterfuck.

And aWol will have a veto shoved down his craven throat - water-projects legislation. It ain't SCHIP, but anything that makes that fuckers temple-vein throb - I'll take. Mine has been pounding for seven freakin' years. Someone else can have a turn...

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