Saturday, November 24, 2007

Rudd Ousts Howard in Australia

Australians went to the polls yesterday, and overwhelmingly voted for change. After eleven years in office, Prime Minister John Howard was sent packing, and Labor leader Kevin Rudd will form a new government.

Howard has even lost his seat in Parliament - the first Prime Minister to be so thoroughly humiliated in 78 years. He was elected to his parliamentary seat by the people of Bennelong 13 times over the last 33 years.

Mr. Rudd campaigned on promises to withdraw Australia from the war in Iraq, and to immediately sign the Kyoto treaty on Global Warming.

Does aWol have any allies left? He lost Blair last summer and he lost Howard yesterday. Neither Brown nor Rudd have the least bit of use for the little idiot - rather like just over 70% of Americans.

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