Tuesday, November 27, 2007

A nice, resounding bitch-slapping for Joe Klein

You know Joe (how did this dipshit ever get a paying gig?) Klein. No? Okay...go to your dictionary and look up the word moron, and that's his picture in the inset.

He recently took to the pages of Time and jumped up and down, screaming about FISA and how Democrats are rushing to give terrorists special rights and goody-bags that rival those given out at the Oscars.

Today, Rep. Rush Holt took to the epages of HuffPo and smacked him up side his empty head.

Jeebus, would these wingnuts just give it up already? Do they really think that in the information age, their bullshit is going to fly by unchallenged? Cuz those days are gone. And it isn't my problem if they are deep in denial. In fact, I quite enjoy the smell of roast wingnut. Pass the marshmallows and lets have S'mores...

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