Saturday, November 10, 2007

I'll Take The Keys For a While...

A guest post, a few thoughts, a reassuring pat on the head, whatever you like.

The Blue Girl has handed over the keys
The keys are fine
I'll drive, for a while
I'll get behind the wheel
Someone take the wheel, they sang
Oh, the places you'll go.

I don't normally "post" on the front of blogs. I get into the trenches and sling it around on the comment threads. I'm more at home on the Halo scan window. The little window that could. The commentary part of blogs is where I usually live. Will I comment inside of my own post?

Until the Blue Girl comes back and takes the keys, and I'll be glad to hand them back, I'll add some things to keep the information moving and the continuation continuing. Blogs don't stop. Excellent blogs, such as this, have to roll on like a big river, and they just can't stop being continuous and informative. People come here for a quick fix or a perfectly worded statement on things. I cannot meet the high standard she's always set, nor will I try. NOR will I try to copy her or comment in the way that she does.

My take is usually a day or two behind hers, since she can spot trends so much better than most people. Now is a good time to also check into her archives--what she was saying six months ago is usually going to hit you square between the eyes and be very prescient.

Let's hang out until she comes back, shall we?

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