Friday, November 23, 2007

Friday Catblogging...Back by popular demand!

Thanks for your patience - I got a new digital camera after the old one gave up the ghost and had a helluva time getting my pics to upload properly to my hard drive - the third or fourth time I installed the software, it took. Maybe I was holding my mouth just right the last time - because I didn't do anything different that install than I did with the others...

Anyway, without further adieu, here are cat pics, and lots of em!

If Charlie is awake, he is looking for a lap.
He found Tom's empty and
rectified that situation immediately.

I folded the laundry and went downstairs
to let the cable guy in for the neighbor -
and came back three minutes later to find
Charlie asleep on a still-warm blanket.

He is also very fond of the towel rack.

(Big difference between natural light and the compact flourescent, huh?)

Just look at that face!

Impeachment entertained us for a solid hour the other night playing with the spare "Impeach Bush and Cheney" bracelet, batting it around the bedroom floor.

This picture is not posed

And two minutes later, he was out like a light.

There ya go, folks! The kitties are back and they are here to stay!

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