Saturday, October 27, 2007

I really do love this city...

And I have lived a lot of places, giving me a broad basis for comparison.

Here is just one of the reasons why...

When I disappear on Saturdays, this is where I go.

It's a real city if you can avoid the supermarket.

Herbs and peppers and onions; Oh, My!

The best pita in town, still warm from the oven.
And so many bulk spices for a dollar a scoop!

The meat counter at Carollo's Italian Grocery & Deli.
They carry farm-fresh eggs for $3 a flat, and
they have the best deli-meats
in town.
Not only that, you can get like 30 different
kinds of olive oil,
and the best sun-dried tomatoes I've ever had...

Twelve different kinds of olives at Carollo's.
(None of them by Lindsey)

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