Saturday, September 15, 2007

Reviving the Webb Amendment

Frustrated by their inability to affect any real change in the nations Iraq policy with their razor-thin majorities, the Democrats in the Senate are resurrecting the Webb Amendment, which would mandate that dwell-time at least equal time deployed. Currently, the Army deploys for 15 months of combat and 12 months at their permanent post.

Some soldiers, those that transfer from one unit to another have seen even that time cut short when the new unit rotates back. The Webb Amendment would require individual soldiers be considered and those soldiers not be redeployed until they had been out of theater for a year.

The Webb Amendment would force a draw down of force strength by putting protections in place that would put a stop to the abusive rotations that never allow soldiers time to adapt and reacclimate and remember how to live.

Of course, Secretary of Defense Bob Gates responded that it might mean even lengthier tours.

Mr. Gates called the proposal “well-intentioned,” but said it might require extending tours of units already in Iraq, calling up additional National Guard and Reserve troops, and making other adjustments that “would further stress the force and reduce its combat effectiveness.”

“The complexity of managing the flow of units, individuals and capabilities to two active combat theaters is enormous and does not lend itself to simplistic, or to simple, legislative prescriptions,” Mr. Gates said at a briefing with Gen. Peter Pace, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. “The cumulative effect of these kinds of things, we think, would, frankly, increase the risk to our men and women in uniform over there.”

I would suggest that the Democrats call his bluff, and make it clear from Jump Street that should he extend tours further, the public will get their impeachment jones satisfied and he will be the one on trial in the Senate.

We know what strategy the idiot in the oval has decided on...he plans to run out the clock and pass the Iraq debacle off to the next Democratic president. The Democrats and sane Republicans in Congress need to stand up now and get a handle on the situation, if they expect their own political careers to outlive the Bush maladministration.

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