Wednesday, September 19, 2007

The reviews are in, and the Petraeus Production has been resoundingly panned

Yep. They definitely picked the wrong week to stop sniffing glue.

While it is still true that no one ever went broke underestimating the stupidity of the American people…it is also true that the odds shifted slightly in favor of common sense after the Petraeus Promenade™ before Congress.

Gin up the Wurlitzer…this is gonna be all my fault, or at least the fault of my DFH ilk, I just know it…

President Bush's top military and diplomatic advisers in Iraq -- Gen. David Petraeus and Ambassador Ryan Crocker -- came to Washington last week to plead the case that the troop surge is working and that, if the military is given more time to build on the progress, victory is still achievable. The American public, it seems, did not buy the administration's message. A new CBS News poll demonstrates that Americans remain skeptical of the way the war is being waged.

In the survey, 57 percent of respondents claimed to pay at least some attention to Petraeus' testimony before Congress. Considerably fewer (29 percent) said they watched the president's televised speech on Thursday, in which he announced plans to withdraw 30,000 troops by next summer. A possible explanation for their tuning out: About two-thirds said the president tries to make the situation in Iraq sound better than it truly is.

Respondents were unconvinced by Petraeus' argument that the troop surge is improving conditions in Iraq. The number of those in a half-sample who saidthe surge is making no impact or is making things worse shot up 5 points from early September. Of those who said that things are getting better thanks to the surge, a 47-percent plurality acknowledged that they believe the improvements will only last as long as the extra troops are in place.

Who could have imagined? Oh – and I’m shocked! Shocked, I tell you!

Who would have ventured a guess that after four years of just making shit up, that the people would eventually wise up? That the populace would collectively recall the parable of The Boy Who Cried Wolf - and call their bluff?

Nah. Better to blame me (and my DFH brothers and sisters) for salting the fields, poisoning the well and pouring vinegar in the milk. After all, I didn’t even come close to clapping loud enough. I even opined openly that General Dave would arrive in DC slingin’ the shit and singin’ “As the Caissons Go Rollin’ Along.”

So the fact that the number of Americans favoring withdrawal from Iraq is up, from 65% to 68% - that’s on me. I didn’t clap loud enough.

Whatever. That’s cool. I’ll take it. Along with the blame and the wrath of the dead-enders and whack-jobs. They still think we could have won in Vietnam, so they are certifiably fucking insane, and why do we give a good god-damn what the hell these deranged fuckwits think? I’m frankly sick of pandering to these demented assholes. Grow a spine, tell them they are fucking nuts, laugh at them, mock them, hurl over-ripe tomatoes at them, and fart in their general direction. They are literally the lunatic fringe, and it is your civic duty to hound these idiot children off the public stage and into the swamps of the deep, deep south where they can commune with their kinfolk: snakes, reptilian holdovers and various forms of fungi.

No matter what, to those inbred half-wits it’s going to be the fault of the “Libruls" so fuck ‘em. Write 'em off. Tell the loony bastards to piss off, and kiss your ass in the process. They are on the wrong side of history, the wrong side of morality and the wrong side of humanity.

Fuck. Them.

They have been consistently wrong and the filthy whores are not going to suddenly have their virtue restored.

So in the meantime, I’ll take whatever I can get, if it will bring us one step closer to stopping this unholy clusterfuck.

It’s wrong, it has always been wrong, and making it right is impossible. This is coming into focus for the American people.

And at the same time, more than 70% of the country is hearing their grandmother admonish them…You have to get the bull out of the china shop before you can start cleaning up. And as we all know, Grandma knows best.

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