Sunday, September 16, 2007

Who owns responsibility for the Iraq debacle, exactly?

On Saturday, a Kurdish Iraqi parliamentarian angrily denounced Washington in general and aWol's delusional assertion that life is returning to "ordinary" in Iraq in particular. It's starting to look almost like those Iraqi ingrates kinda take personally the fact that their country has been destroyed by the policies and actions of a reckless poltroon or sumthin.'

"The Americans always try to pretend the responsibility for cleaning up this mess isn't theirs and tend to shift blame onto Iraq, Iran and Syria for everything that goes wrong," said veteran Kurdish lawmaker Mahmoud Othman.

"But they should stop this nonsense and admit that most of the accountability rests on their shoulders," he told Reuters.

aWol has been critical of the government of Prime Minister Nuri Kemal al-Maliki for failing to make political progress when the ostensible purpose of surging troops into Baghdad was to give the government "breathing space" to stabilize and achieve goals toward reconciliation.

Of the 18 benchmarks set forth in the supplemental funding legislation that was passed in May, three have been met, and there has been partial progress toward a few of the others, but giving them credit for half is patently dishonest, and frankly, it is a crime to lie to congress.

Lawmakers in Iraq were less than acquiescing toward the slaps that have been taken at them. "Before they ask the government to treat the problems in Iraq they should correct the mistakes they committed, like the disbanding of the Iraqi army," Sunni Arab lawmaker Izzedine al-Dawla said.

The Maliki government has been frozen by infighting and in fact, can not even achieve a quorum of the cabinet to send legislation to the parliament for consideration.

Of course for the Halliburton administration, it is all about the oil. If the Iraqis had passed the Exxon Mobile Enrichment Act, it would be all ponies and donuts and rainbows would fill the sky. But the Iraqis are proving rather reluctant to pony over their resources to western business interests. Go figure and who could have imagined?

Only every last fucking one of us who said "Don't do this, you fucking morons!"

[Mini-rant warning:]

The fact is, responsibility does rest in Washington. The failed neocon experiment has proven to be an unmitigated fucking disaster. If anyone belongs in Guantanamo Bay for terrorist sympathies, it is the war criminals and fascist fuckers who comprise the PNAC (Project for a New American Century) signatories.

Those miserable bastards should have their foreheads branded that they might be identified for all time; they should be held in stocks in the public square for a prolonged period of time with no considerations for weather, they should have overripe produce hurled at them non-stop, and anyone who feels like taking out their aggressions should be able to buy turns with a cat-'o-nine-tails to lash their backs and buttocks. I would empty my 401K and my IRA, and mortgage two houses to buy turns taking pieces of flesh off the back of Bill Kristol alone. I take great sadistic pleasure at the thought of making "Bill the Bloody" a literal description instead of a figurative one - in other words, I favor the spilling of every last drop of his own personal blood, over one more drop of anyone else's in pursuit of his grand, psychotic delusion.

That pathetic little epitome of erectile dysfunction and the people who signed that document are the worst humanity has yet to offer, and they should be treated accordingly, just short of being burned alive.

Make examples of them, damnit, that no one will fuck up like that again.

Haven't you just had it with these know-it-all idiots who actually know nothing?

Or is it just me?

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