Sunday, September 9, 2007

Help Kay Bury Graves!


Missouri is a true swing state - in every one of the seven presidential elections that have occurred in my lifetime, Missouri has gone to the victor. Our eleven electoral votes in 2000 would have spared the entire world the Bush maladministration, and that election hinged on a mere 80,000 votes. The Republicans had those votes because they had the GOTV playbook and we didn't yet have the netroots. We saw the playing field even considerably in 2006. Turns out, people trust us more.

Missouri's federal delegation is as divided as it can be using whole numbers. We have one Senator on each side of the aisle, and we have a 5-4 split in the House, advantage Republicans.

That could change in 2008. In the Missouri Sixth, an honest-to-Galileo swing district in this swing state - the Republican incumbent, Sam Graves, faces a real challenger in Kay Barnes and he is running scared. Kay is lapping him without breaking a sweat on donations from individuals, and he is so desperate he has Dick Cheney coming to Kansas City for a $10,000 a plate fundraiser. He is a dirty campaigner, the money raised will buy a barrage of attack ads.

To counter that obscenity, I want to show support for Kay by raising money for her online. To that end, I established an ActBlue donation page for Her Honor the Mayor. It is in everyones interest to extend the Democratic majorities in the house if we really want to take back our country and restore Democracy and Liberty to the citizenry. If you are able to contribute a couple of bucks, you can do so by clicking here and making a secure on-line donation.

Thanks a bunch!

On this one, you can sign me ---

BG, a daughter of the Sixth whose roots via one grandparent go back farther in Missouri history than the Sixth itself.

UPDATE: It is 7:00 p.m. Yeah, the Chiefs lost, but honestly, I couldn't care less - it's just an excuse to hang out with a couple of my adult children. If my son wants to hang with the 'rents on a Sunday afternoon, I'm not passing it up. This liberal has real family values. As in - I value my family.

Sorry - it's election season. I can't help myself.

I have decided that I am waging a five-dollar donation campaign for Kay this week.

To play along at home, go to the
ActBlue donation page and donate $5.08 - the .08 is vote of solidarity for the netroots. We are taking a beating right now by the bleating right in the M$M - because we are a threat to their continued existence as Very Serious People, and they are afraid that we will expose the practitioners of High Broderism as the intellectually dishonest frauds and agenda whores they are. We are a threat because we do not pay homage to the Moustache of Understanding. We are the ones screaming because ObL is still free - so when he rants, they says he sounds like one of us?

What the fuck is that all about?


Anyway - I believe it is in everyones best interest to replace loyal Bush Dog Graves with Kay Barnes. We are in a very tenuous time. As no one ever solved a problem by applying even more of the same sort of thinking that got them into trouble in the first place to it, what we need in 2008 is a total reversal. That means strengthening our majorities in the House and in the Senate to make them obstruction-proof. That means at least 60 in the Senate, and preferably 66.

It also means enough Democrats that they can keep the inevitable Democratic president in check. Of the Democratic candidates, Richardson, Kucinich and Gravel are the only ones that are on the record that they will restore our civil liberties.

Nobody else is offering to surrender the powers aWol usurped.

Not Hillary.

Not Barack.

Not even Edwards.

Only Richardson, Kucinich and Gravel.

If we want a liberal approach to return to government to fix the massive fuckups - and we can't elect FDR or Truman - we have to have a solid majority in both houses in order that we can control the presidency, no matter who holds it.

Checks and balances can - and should - be viewed through more than one lens, you know.

Veto proof Democratic majorities in both chambers are the only way we can guarantee the restoration of the Constitution and Bill of Rights; and the Great Writ, Habeas Corpus when the next president takes office. If the next president doesn't undo this damage to your rights and mine, that damage will be permanent.

Since I want the republic the founders gave us, I am supporting Democrats in as many races as possible. In the case of Kay...It's all about home.

I am appealing especially to my blue-state brethren - Please help us take a major step toward the restoration of liberty by supporting her candidacy, and as many other real Democrats as you can afford to help in the fight to take a Republican seat.

Thank You.

Update II: If you have trouble with the ActBlue donation link in the post, try the one in the Left sidebar.

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