Monday, September 3, 2007

The cynic in me...

...says that Resident Evil™ and his minions making their surprise trip to Anbar today is a headfake.

Think about it...

The Brits are done, they turned over the Palace Complex in Basra and are out of combat operations. The Iraqi flag now flies over the palace, and the Shiites are firmly in control in the south.

Not only have the Brits withdrawn from the theater of operations, but British Generals have been blasting the Bush administration for being morons and turning Iraq into the biggest cock-up in the history of western meddling in the region - and they know from cock-ups...Suez anyone?

What is a swaggering, smirking goon to do when his mates bail?

There is only one appropriate course of action...Photo op!

Stop off in the war zone for a bit of Kabuki in al Anbar (where there is some progress, but it has nothing to do with the so-called Surge™ and everything to do with making deals with the devil) on your way to Australia - where by the way, your Man in Baghdad Petraeus has already popped in to soften 'em up for you - Talk to a couple of Marines in Anbar...ask them about morale...they report morale is high...that bit gets picked up by the media, but the media doesn't report the part about Marine deployments being SEVEN months - the Army deploys for over twice as long, 15 months, and there were no soldiers anywhere near the pathetic, failed dullard.

And the cocktail-weenie-wagging shills of the M$M fawn, and fail to live up to their Constitutionally protected role once again.

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