Friday, August 17, 2007

THIS is what the doofus gets pissy about???

Oh sweet mother of pearl! The Resident Idiot of Duh-merica can't be bothered to notice when he is handed a memo warning of an impending terrorist attack, but let him have his wardrobe criticized, and he hits someone with his purse!

Last week Marques Harper, a reporter at the Austin American Statesman, wrote a short article on Resident Evil's choice of attire when he visits the "ranch" in Crawford.

The following passage from the article really set him atwitter!

Bush has two distinct looks when he's in Texas: the ranch-hand man and the crisp appearance of a ranch owner. In recent months, with his sliding popularity, he's opted to look more like "Walker, Texas Ranger" than a sweaty, tough ranch hand.

"As he loses popularity, his image is more and more critical," said Sara Canaday, an Austin-based communication and image consultant. "He's being advised wisely. He'd better step it up. He wants to have this sort of bravado image when he's on that ranch."

If that's the case, it's unlikely we'll see Bush with his 2002 Crawford photo-op accessories: aviator sunglasses, grungy, sweaty T-shirt, cowboy hat, light-colored jeans and Ford F-250.

When I say it set him atwitter, I am not exaggerating...
The article was reprinted Tuesday in a Waco, Tex., paper, and the leader of the free world was not pleased.

Harper received a phone call that morning from White House deputy press secretary Dana Perino, who, Harper told friends, said the president read the article and was unhappy about the way he was portrayed.

"I was surprised," said the style writer, who declined to repeat the off-the-record conversation with Perino when we called.

Well, at least he has his priorities in order...

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