Monday, August 6, 2007

Palmer packs it in

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote a post about David Palmer, Bush’s nominee to head up the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. He was tapped by aWol to head up a section of the Justice Department that had found him in violation of the essential tenets of that department.

Well, over the weekend the hapless and unconfirmed Palmer packed it in and withdrew his name from consideration. "I have received what can only be called a crash course in how bitterly partisan the nomination process has become," he wrote in his withdrawal letter to Bush. He went on to complain that congressional staffers had (*Gasp!!! Horrors!!!*)…probed his background! Every aspect of it!

"Many of the questions I was asked were troubling," he wrote. "Most disturbingly, one question explicitly suggested that I chose to ignore discrimination against Latinos, a question I found particularly offensive in light of the fact that I myself am the son of Latino immigrants."

The poor little Loyal Bushie just doesn’t understand why he might be scrutinized, and held to account (don’t the hoi polloi on the Democratic side of the aisle realize everything is okay so long as you are a republican???)

Well Dave, (you don’t mind if I call you Dave, do you?) maybe they asked that sublimely impertinent question because the litigation section has filed almost as many cases alleging discrimination against whites as it has against blacks and Latinos combined, even while Palmer acknowledges that minorities tend to be the targets of more discrimination.

Just hazarding a guess, here, Sport, but I would wager that little statistical gem was at least a factor. And probably a bigger one than “Democrats are meanies.”

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