Monday, July 30, 2007

Some days we have to bestow a dubious honor

I have not proclaimed an Idiot of the Day from the KC Star editorial page for quite a while. But perusing Unfettered Letters a few minutes ago, I was overcome by the urge to just pummel the living piss out of some shallow-end-of-the-gene-pool chickenhawk from Raytown. She is so far gone that I brought Idiot of the Day out of retirement, just for her. (Dubious honor, toots, dubious honor indeed.)

Seems to me the Democrats are wanting us to fail in Iraq. With all the negative rhetoric coming out of D.C., it would seem they don’t want our military to succeed in this war.

Seems like someone has been swilling the kool-aid. It is not a war any longer, it is an occupation, and there is no viable winning strategy.

Sen. Harry Reid declared we had lost the war and the surge would not work before the troops had been completely deployed in June.

That is because the war games that were conducted before hand said we needed 400,000 going in. A “surge” to previous troop levels represented too little, too late. Especially when you are talking about compromised materiel and manpower, all worn out after four years of desert combat.

Gen. David Petraeus was unanimously approved by the Senate. Many of the Democrats who are anti-war now approved going to war four years ago.

Petraeus is not the great white hope, and in fact, he lacks vital skills necessary to secure the peace in Iraq.

Here is the reality of this war: If we take out the troops too soon, the Iraqi people will suffer more bloodshed than the past four years. Al-Qaida will run rampant in Iraq and beyond its borders.

No, you fucking moron, here is the reality…There was no “al Qaeda” in Iraq before the stupid man in charge decided to launch a splendid vanity war. The Iraqi’s hate all foreign fighters, AQI included, and when we are gone, AQI will either flee or be slaughtered.

Capturing and killing al-Qaida members in Iraq is keeping our country safe.

No, you fucking moron, it is creating more terrorists, not keeping you safe in fucking Raytown!

Go to for information to truly support our troops and their mission.

Go to or to counter the spin from the right-wing warmongers.

Here is my question for this cowardly whelp and those like her: Why are you so eager to surrender to terrorists?

That is what you are doing, you know. You insist on being terrified of terrorists, and you give them the victory they desire. When terrorists succeed in terrifying, they are successful.

I’ll be damned! I am not giving over to fear. I will fight to keep my civil liberties, and I will retain my dignity, and I will defy those who want me to be cowering and simpering and pathetic. She and her lot will do enough cowering and trembling for both of us, I’m sure.

I’ll take care of the defiance (and the authentic patriotism) for her and her pathetic ilk.

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