Sunday, July 1, 2007

The one where I pitch a fit in Nancy Pelosi's direction

If you are in the mood for a rant, keep reading. I started to do a news roundup, but the first topic sent me a-ranting, so here you go.

Seattle Democrat Jim McDermott has signed on to House Resolution 333, introduced by Dennis Kucinich and supported by nine others. It can’t get better for Richard Bruce, but he is a typical antisocial personality, with grandiose affect – he doesn’t care. The failure to defund his office looks like a victory to him – while to me it looks like some spineless, lobbyist-bought politicians occupying seats that are counted as Democratic on paper and for leadership and committee purposes stabbed Rahm Emanuel in the back. I’m considering sending him some dead fish to pass out on the floor of the House. I hope he is keeping score. I know I am. Fortunately, one thing keeps my head from exploding. My district is solidly blue and represented by a real, live Democrat, one with a spine and a conscience and he ain’t afraid of either one.

Nancy Pelosi continues to insist on breaking my heart. "I made a year ago that impeachment was something we could not be successful with, and that would take up the time we needed to do some positive things to establish a record of our priorities and their shortcomings. The president isn't worth impeaching. If it were the beginning of his term, people might think of it differently, but he's at the end of his term...the last two years of his term, we just want to be rid of him."

Now see – importing that quote, I’m seeing red all over again. I am pretty sure her parenting approach when her kids were teenagers was not “They’ll be gone to college soon, so I’m not going to worry about them doing beer-bongs and Lion of Judah-sized spliffs of the kind bud in the family minivan while speeding through the Presidio.”

Nancy, that was a year ago. A lot has changed since then – for starters that election in November. Maybe it would not have been successful a year ago, but this is now, and the evidence against the president and especially the vice president that supports impeachment has mounted significantly since then. That pathetic run-out-the-clock strategy is lame. Pathetic, weak, chickenshit and lame. Lame, lamer, lamest – a perfect specimen of lame. If-it-was-a-horse-we-would-shoot-it - lame. The sorriest damned thing I have ever heard in my life – and over two decades in emergency rooms, I have heard "explanations" of how things accidentally got inserted into rectal cavities, okay? When it comes to lame excuses, I have literally heard a litany and I’m a tough judge. When I say something is lame to that degree, it’s lame.

Besides, I don’t care if it is their last day in office – impeach them and get it on the record. The only reason I can think of that squares with these fuckers thinking they could get away with this shit is spineless Dems let Nixon off the hook. When that rat bastard didn’t go to prison, it emboldened this crop of neo-brownshirt fascist wannabes (I actually know what fascism is and can define it – unlike most of the jackoffs who throw it around and look as stupid as reich-wing idiots who toss the term Socialism around without understanding it’s meaning. This is especially sweet when the are Packers fans. I ♥ irony.)

Anyway – back to the neo-fascists at hand. They felt emboldened to stage a coup against the Constitution that hindered them in their quest for power because Nixon skated back to Yorba Linda and not only faced no consequences for his actions, but his reputation rehabbed to the point that he became an elder statesman of sorts, much to the dismay of many. Until they know that severe consequences await such power-grabs, they will keep coming back, each subsequent version more vile, more mendacious, more poisonous to the body politic than the last.

As I plan on hanging around for another thirty to forty years, even though I will be in my dotage by then, I don’t want to deal with another crop of reTHUGlican politicriminals and therefore we need to stop these bastards right now, where they stand. Even if it is the last day of their term, justice demands that charges of impeachment be brought.

Aw, hell – Ronnie Earle – you out there? aWol was in your jurisdiction when all those private jets, owned by “Rangers” and “Pioneers” were lined up on the runway in Austin, can you find something to indict these fuckers with? You might be the last elected official in America with any real power who isn’t descended from the late Mr. Lupner.

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