Sunday, July 29, 2007

Much Ado About Nothing as the Recess Draws Near

As the regularly scheduled August congressional recess draws near, the internecine squabbling picks up.

Those tired of the war and wanting a way out of the occupation of Iraq are forming alliances to sponsor toothless legislation that doesn’t even amount to a stern warning, but it’s something to take to the voters back home…and conservative chickenhawks like Sen. Johnny Isakson (R-Ga.) (I’m comfortable calling him a chickenhawk. He was in a FANG unit 66-72) seized the opportunity to catapult the propaganda represented by President Bush's over-the-top, pugilistic and patently dishonest speech Tuesday at the USAF base in Charleston, S.C.. In that speech, in which Bush referenced al Qaeda 94 times, he conflated realities and sternly shook his finger at those with the sense to oppose his criminally inept cabal; hysterically accusing them of “surrendering to al Qaeda.” Isakson took comfort in this psychotic display, saying he was glad the resident was finally “hitting back.” Never mind that there was no al Qaeda in Iraq 60 days before Bush invaded, and there will be no al Qaeda in Iraq 60 days after the U.S. withdraws. The Iraqis hate all foreign occupiers, and they put al Qaeda in this category, too.

On either end of the debate are the unbudgeables, but from there emanates great sound and fury; while in the center, there seems to be some semblance of cohesion, but it amounts to jello. Is squishy, it’s jiggly, there is no substance and even with nothing to support, it can barely stand alone.

Give me a freakin’ break.

*Jello* is not what that election in November was about. Yeah, yeah, I know that one of the suspects in that game of electoral Clue was the moderate Christian in the voting booth with the corruption. (Democrats forget this important factor at their own peril.)

But more that that, it was the G.I., without a mission, in the voting booth, with the voter’s conscience. It was about “Bring ‘em on” and “Mission Accomplished” and the occupation of a country that doesn’t want us there.

We sent a Democratic majority to Washington to stop this obscene fucking war.

Another reality that the Democrats ignore at their own peril.

When they come back in September, they will face citizen action on a scale unseen since the Veitnam era. On the third Friday of September, and every month thereafter, those of us committed to the end of the occupation of Iraq are committed to taking action as part of the Iraq Moratorium movement.

But before the politicians get down to polictickin’ for the 2008 elections, they will come back from recess to a gallery of silent citizens, staring them down.

What a fabulous idea! I wish I was near D.C.! I would so do this!

It's time we took responsibility for what our country is doing.

Almost a year ago, Americans went to the polls and sent a clear message to our government: it's time to bring our troops home from Iraq. But our responsibility does not end when we exit the voting booth. We cannot wait for the next election and hope that America's government will eventually catch up with its people. We must confront Congress now – not with letters or marches, lobbying or phone calls – we'll meet them inside the House and Senate chambers. Congress reconvenes after their summer vacation on September 4th. Let's be there to let them know that we are watching.

We are calling on Americans to join us inside the Capitol, where we will gather in the House and Senate galleries and, at a given signal, rise to our feet together to stand watch over our government. Letters informing each member of Congress that citizens have come to watch over their progress in bringing the Iraq war to a close will be delivered in advance, so that there will be no mistaking what our action means when we take to our feet.

This is not a protest – it is citizens directly overseeing their government at a time when it has refused to respond to a crisis.

Here's how it works:

Come to Washington and visit your Representative's office – that's where you get tickets to visit the House and Senate galleries. Then, join us in the halls of power. Nothing can be brought into the galleries, and protests are not allowed, so leave your buttons and signs at home. The act of taking to our feet together to silently oversee Congress will speak loudly enough. Until the signal is given, we will be tourists visiting our nation's capital. When we stand together, we will be citizens taking responsibility for our government.


I can't participate directly - but I can do my part to spread the word, and I can voice my support for the effort. Yes, oh yes yes yes yes yes...I want to see a hundred responsible citizens watching with a silent critical eye, holding accountable those we chose, right there in plain view and on C-SPAN. And I want to watch that number grow, until they can not say "no" to the will of the people.

We are not to be trifled with any longer. Our legislators work for us, we know this and we are not bashful about reminding them of at fact. And every last elected official needs need to check their's populism-thirty, and no seat is safe.

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