Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Let me make sure I have this straight…

Now Murdoch is the Anti-Christ, because he bought the Journal?

Before he took that notion, he was fine and dandy.

Now everyone is up-in-arms about Murdoch getting his grubby mitts on the oh-so-venerable Wall Street Journal. It is the end of western civilization and journalistic integrity just got taken behind the barn and shot dead.

So I just have one question…Where the fuck have these jackals been for the past decade or so? I sure haven’t seen anyone taking Murdoch to task for his perfection of the black art of yellow journalism. I have seen the blogosphere challenged, and written off as “moonbats” for calling it that way. I have seen presidential candidates smeared for refusing to appear at debates hosted by Fox.

In short – I have seen a lot of these people who are clutching their pearls now over the sale of the WSJ dismiss those same concerns they now express oh-so-plaintively when others called the Murdoch Media Mendacity Machine what it is –a propaganda catapult. Now that the Journal is the only authentic jewel in the counterfeit crown that includes the formerly credible Times of London and the New York Post, Fox News Channel and the Weekly Standard, suddenly everyone seems to realize that Murdoch is what we have been saying he is - a self-serving media thug.

M$M, you sanctioned him, and his Mighty Wurlitzer. Ultimate responsibility for this *travesty* rests with those of you who enabled him and legitimized him in the first damned place, so don't start sniveling in self-righteous indignation now, you self-serving hypocrites.

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