Friday, July 6, 2007

I love the smell of napalmed wingnut in the evening!

Finally! Someone finally called neocon lickspittle and wingnut/chickenhawk/warmonger Fouad Ajami on his slavering, agenda-whoring bullshit. (Yeah, I’m a big Ajami fan – going so far as to cancel my subscription to Foreign Affairs when they started publishing his deluded rantings.)

If you have any doubt that he’s a delusional fuckwit, you need only read his man-crush pleading on behalf of Scooter “Treason” Libby. But he went a bridge too far, even for him, and finally, he got called on it.

Below are the three most nausea-inducing paragraphs from a column he wrote for The Wall Street Journal opinion page last month, in the wake of Judge Walton sending the treasonous fuck to the slam. (Yeah, it’s a fever-swamp, but know thy enemy, I always say.)

Fallen Soldier
Mr. President, do not leave this man behind.

Friday, June 8, 2007 12:01 a.m. EDT

Mr. President, some weeks ago, I wrote a letter of appeal, a character reference, to Judge Reggie B. Walton, urging leniency for I. Lewis "Scooter" Libby. Scooter, I said, has seen the undoing of his world, but he comes before a "just court in a just and decent country." I was joined by men and women of greater acclaim in our public life, but the petitions were in vain. Now the legal process has played out, Judge Walton has issued a harsh prison term of 30 months, and what will rescue this honorable man is the power of pardon that is exclusively yours.


In "The Soldier's Creed," there is a particularly compelling principle: "I will never leave a fallen comrade." This is a cherished belief, and it has been so since soldiers and chroniclers and philosophers thought about wars and great, common endeavors. Across time and space, cultures, each in its own way, have given voice to this most basic of beliefs. They have done it, we know, to give heart to those who embark on a common mission, to give them confidence that they will not be given up under duress. A process that yields up Scooter Libby to a zealous prosecutor is justice gone awry.


The prosecutor, and the jury and the judge, had before them a case that purported to stand alone, a trial of one man's memory and recollections. But you have before you what they and the rest of us don't--a memory of the passions and the panic, and the certitude, which gave rise to the war. And a sense, I am confident, of the quiet and selfless man who sat in the outer circle when your cabinet deliberated over our country's choices in Iraq, and in those burning grounds of the Arab-Islamic world. Scooter Libby was there for the beginning of that campaign. He can't be left behind as a casualty of a war our country had once proudly claimed as its own.

Like I said, sickening. To compare a fucking traitor who in a just world would hang by the neck till dead, to a fallen soldier, felled in an unjust war he helped to sell, is particularly wretch-worthy. It is a miracle the guy can walk, with balls that big.

Well, finally, the RNC steno-pool the mainstream media called this fascist in his bullshit. MSNBC’s David Shuster, today on Hardball, gave him quite a roughing up.

SHUSTER: “Mr. Ajami, do you really believe Mr. Libby is like the 3,600 soldiers killed in Iraq?”

AJAMI: . “I don’t need to be lectured on the soldiers killed in Iraq.” “You have to be able to handle metaphors, this really was a metaphor.”

SHUSTER: “The word ‘metaphor’ is nowhere in your column.”

But that was just the beginning! Shuster must have been studying the reporters who work for the BBC, because he called him on his bullshit, time after time. Finally, Ajami was visibly exasperated. When Shuster asked pointedly “Why did Libby lie to the FBI?” all Ajami had left was the lie… “I don’t know that he did.” (So that’s why he was charged with, tried for, and found guilty of perjury & obstruction! He didn’t lie!)

Watch the video at Crooks & Liars. (Just go pee first, because I guarantee you will laugh like a giddy schoolgirl!)

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