Thursday, July 19, 2007

Another year and a half of this? No thanks.

I wonder if the Republicans would continue with their obstructionist ways if Harry Reid pulled the “Nuclear Option” out of the dead-letters bin and blew the dust off it and reminded the Republicans how downright tyrannical they were about their treatment of the minority? Parliamentary procedures are one thing. Being obstructionist pricks just for the sake of being obstructionist pricks is another thing entirely, and I have grown utterly sick of it.

Watching this senate is like coming home to find the babysitter duct-taped to a chair, the kiddie-pool full of kool-aid, the good china being used for a tea-party in the treehouse, and god-only-knows what they did with your best percales.

As a parent, I am inclined to punish every last hooligan and miscreant about, including the babysitter who lost control. (Harry, that would be you.)

Can we get a real Majority Leader, please? Harry just doesn’t have what it takes.

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