Monday, June 4, 2007

What is up with this?

These signs are still up in city buses, in spite of the fact that the Missouri Voter Suppression and Jim Talent Seat Retention Act of 2006 was struck down by the state Supreme Court. If you try to go to the website listed, you find it has been taken down by the Secretary of State's office.

These signs are misleading and should come out of the city buses immediately. Let's cut to the chase - you have a picture of a black man cheerfully holding his ID next to his face, and a message to make your vote count, take a photo ID. A lot of black people in Kansas City rely on public transit. Many of them may not have a photo ID. How many of them see those signs and do not know that the law was found to be in violation of both the State and Federal Constitutions?

How many people think they can't vote, or that their vote won't count, because these signs are still up in too many of our buses eight full months after the law was struck down?

These signs need to come down. NOW. Or else I am likely to start screaming about civil rights violations and stuff.

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