Friday, June 22, 2007

Regular Posting to Resume shortly

The dental crisis is behind me - the offending tooth (see how I did that? Shifted the blame for my own actions to the poor hunk of calcium that bore the brunt of the missed pellet?) could not be saved, so I will be getting used to a bridge in a couple of weeks, after the gum is healed.

The haze of the Percodan is slow to lift, and the brain is still pretty cobwebby (apparently that's a word - no red line under it - who knew???) I have a couple of posts I'm working on - but they are taunting me - and I'm doing administrative things at Watching Those We Chose. WTWC I guess now officially qualifies as a "big blog" because we got invited into the "Advertising Liberally" BlogAds network!!!

Speaking of WTWC, you can always get good content and commentary over there, from a whole passel of posters who have a lot to offer. You all know I'm a Jewish mother, and that blog is my baby. This is where I rant - that is where I practice Journalism.

Look for fresh posts late tonight or early tomorrow morning.

Thanks for your patience during the last week while I have been performing considerably below the level you have come to expect.

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