Monday, June 11, 2007

Psychological Warfare – or – how aWol got Lute-Fisked

I should probably keep this to myself and enjoy the yucks in private – but I just can’t – you all need to know what a thumb in the eye Doug Lute is to George Bush.

But think about these points, in no specific order.

Lute is an active duty flag-rank. This intimidates the fuck out of the aWol one. He punked out, every officer and active duty NCO in a leadership position knows it, and aWol himself knows it too. A real live put-up-or-shut-up general intimidates the fuck out of him. I laugh my ass off at Lute briefing aWol on a daily basis – and dude – you do too, if you so much as sat through Platoon and Full Metal Jacket in one setting. Oh, to be a fly on that wall…

Thing is, I know a lot of O-3 to O-6’s – and trust me…a lot of them would attempt to arrest the fucker on charges of being…AWOL. He is not popular amongst those doing the fighting and the dying.

Robert Gates doesn’t just know this, he is banking on it.

Gates is not aWol’s man – he is his father’s man. He was reluctantly accepted in the wake of the dissing of the ISG – of which Gates was a part. aWol does not want to deal with Gates. Gates is a living breathing reminder of his abject failures.

Douglas Lute had his turn before the Senate on Thursday, and he didn’t seem to have any aversion at all to truth-telling and sobering assessments. He told senators during his hearing before the Armed Services Committee that he believed there was no purely military or America-only solution possible.

Not words that the punk president would care to hear.

And he is going to hear them every single day for the rest of his term.

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