Thursday, June 21, 2007

Oh, Sweet Irony! Can You Even Stand It?

Sometimes I read something and I just collapse in a fit of giggles like I'm a giddy little schoolgirl. Seriously - every day the stable of Republican wannabes - and I do mean wannabes - does something that I derive absolute mirthsome glee from.

McCain takes a stroll, Rudy punks out when it's time to put up, and now, Romney rewrites reality. I mean seriously - can you even stand these fools? WTF, Mate?

“…for conservatives like me, facing reality is not a source of fear. It is a source of confidence. I am convinced that America--and our friends--can overwhelm any threat, but only if we acknowledge it, confront it, and respond thoughtfully and strategically.” Mitt Romney, earlier today in a speech at the American Enterprise Institute.

And not one word in the entire speech about Iraq.

I think that speaks volumes all by itself, don’t you?

Seriously – how could I ever hope to top that?

Write your own jokes here.

I'm too busy right now, what with the being nonplussed and all.

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