Monday, June 4, 2007

In defense of pseudonymous blogging

Let me start off by saying that I don’t see much difference between bloggers posting under pseudonyms and Alexander Hamilton writing as Publius.

We, too, are pushing back against a government that has acted outside the social contract. It isn’t that they couldn’t find us and silence us, we aren’t delusional, hell, we know they got Kazinski without an IP address.

The Star was a little bit snide and condescending, singling out that we choose to use pseudonyms for specific scorn, when they posted about our court victory on the Prime Buzz website:

Blue girl, Red state, white paper

A federal court has authorized the release of letters it received concerning the sentencing of Scooter Libby, Vice President Cheney's former aide, who's been convicted of perjury and obstruction of justice.

And a local blogger -- Blue Girl, Red State -- says she was one of the bloggers who made it possible.

She was one of two bloggers, she says, to file a friend of the court brief, arguing the letters should be made public.

To read the brief, click here.

(The names of the bloggers filing the brief are whited out. Blue Girl says she wants to stay anonymous, like most bloggers. Here at Prime Buzz, we put our names on our posts.) (emphasis added)

The court says the letters won't be released until June 5, at the earliest, and after things like phone numbers and addresses are taken out.

The bloggers in the brief, including Blue Girl, say the letters written to the court seeking to mitigate Libby's sentence for perjury and obstruction of justice should not be kept private, because they are important in assessing the impact of Libby's conviction.

To read the court order in the case, click here.

I don’t write behind a pseudonym because I am embarrassed by my opinions. I use a pseudonym because I have tangled with the rabid right before. They are scary. They use a form of terrorism to try to silence their opposition. They send fake anthrax to Keith Olberman, and mutilated dolls to the young daughters of pro-choice politicians and healthcare workers who work in reproductive medicine. Tech blogger Kathy Sierra received so many death-threats that she was forced to cancel a keynote speech at a tech convention and go into seclusion. Doctors who provide abortions get gunned down. Remember that a Liberty University student was arrested for making pipe bombs to use against anti-Falwell protesters at his funeral. I find all protests of funerals outrageous, but the first place this kids mind went was to make a few pipe bombs and just go violent right out of the gate.

We are not talking about sane people with whom you can reason.

We have to consider the domestic terrorists who would do us harm for having the temerity to disagree with their theocratic, christo-fascist agenda. People who would gun us down and consider themselves martyrs for their cause. Sorry if my desire to avoid a show down with those fucking animals gets your knickers in a twist, but tough. Get over it, or just don't read this site.

There is a certain kind of exceedingly sick cyber-stalker that singles out female bloggers and posts vituperative nastiness and hateful screeds against them, and makes threats of sexual and physical violence. I had a brush with one on a discussion board last fall and found it most unnerving.

I landed in Wichita just in time to get caught in the crossfire of the Summer of Mercy –I was an agency employee working a contract for a fertility clinic that did not perform abortions but made referrals when necessary and appropriate for the parents.

It is the fervent kool-aid drinkers that scare me. I do not have the resources of the McClatchy news organization. But hey – if McClatchy wants to hire me, and give me the resources to pursue the stories I would like to write, and I get something out of it besides gratification (you lot get a paycheck, we do not) my secret identity can be obtained from my W-2. Hell, if I were cashing Dave Helling’s paychecks I would sign my posts too. But I am not, and it isn’t worth dealing with the nutball pro-lifers who would just as soon shoot me in cold blood because I favor choice.

So, in the mean time, it’s Blue Girl, and that’s all you need to know.

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