Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Who was being wiretapped, and why?

Call me paranoid – but if you do, remember that you can be paranoid and right at the same time. I am starting to believe that the members of The Party have used government departments and agencies to disenfranchise the other political party.

According to MSNBC, Paul McNulty was not the only resignation announced Monday.

Lanny Davis has resigned from the Department of Justice Privacy and Civil Liberties Board after White House attorneys last month applied pressure to alter reports and conceal FBI abuses against American citizens because they feared information in the reports would widen the scope of the investigations into the corrupt, unjust Justice department.

At the same time, Davis, a former Clinton White House official who had been named by President Bush to serve on the Privacy and Civil Liberties Board, sent a letter to the White House and his fellow board members protesting the panel’s lack of independence. In recent months, Davis has had numerous clashes with fellow board members and White House officials over what he saw as administration attempts to control the panel’s agenda and edit its public statements, according to board members who asked not to be identified talking about internal matters. He also cited in his letters criticisms by the former co-chairs of the September 11 commission, Thomas Kean and Lee Hamilton, that the board had interpreted its mandate too narrowly and was refusing to investigate issues such as the treatment of detainees in Guantanamo Bay and elsewhere around the world.

Davis’s frustration reached a peak last month when White House lawyers engaged in what he described in his letter as “substantial” edits of the board’s annual report to Congress. Davis charged that the White House sought to remove an extensive discussion of recent findings by the Justice Department’s inspector general of FBI abuses in the uses of so-called “national security letters” to obtain personal data on U.S. citizens without a court order. He also charged that the White House counsel’s office wanted to strike language stating that the panel planned to investigate complaints from civil liberties groups that the Justice Department had improperly used a “material witness statute” to lock up terror suspects for lengthy periods of time without charging them with any crimes. (emphasis added)

When will someone connect the dots?

Monica Goodling was an opposition research specialist for the 2000 presidential campaign. Lets repeat that, a little louder this time… Monica Goodling was an opposition research specialist for the 2000 presidential campaign. She was trained by Barbara Comstock. Barbara Comstock from Watergate. Barbara Comstock who worked for the certifiable Dan Burton. The whack-a-doo who once executed a watermelon to “prove” Vince Foster was murdered. (You can’t make this stuff up.)

They put a Comstock protégé who was obsessed with political affiliation to the possible point of pathology in the Department of Justice and she oversaw a department that commenced with signing off on every request presented by the FBI for their specious National Security Letters. I want every single one of those National Security Letters reviewed by both Judiciary committees.

Folks, is it too fuckin' much yet? Why aren’t we in the streets with pitchforks and torches over this stuff?

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