Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Say Howdy

Say "Howdy!" to the Yellow Dog.

Just last winter I was convincing her to blog! I had always loved her comments at Political Animal, and when I came up with the notion for a group blog, she was one of the first people I thought of asking. Those of you who are reading Watching Those We Chose already know her - (and if you aren't reading that site, why not? We are getting some high praise by some big names. If you want me in a family-friendly format, read me there!)

She had to be convinced, and told me she wasn't really a blogger, she just commented. Now, I think she was just bein' coy, playin' hard to get, the minx.

Anyway, whether she had to be wooed by Yours Truly or not, she signed on, and she has blogged the hell out of Kentucky. She came out of the gate strong and never let up or looked back. Watching Those We Chose gets a lot of hits from senate.gov servers, and I'm thoroughly convinced it's because Mitch McConnell is keeping an eye on all that truth she's been tellin' about his smarmy ass.

Well now, the fledgling has left the nest! She is a full fledged blogger in her own right, and I have added her to my Friends Blogroll.

Go by her place and say "Howdy, Ma'am" and give her a proper welcome. If you can read that sidebar and not snort, you probably don't belong there or here.

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