Wednesday, May 23, 2007

NOW it makes sense...

You know how this morning I was engaging in eye-rolling and poking fun at the morons who floated the bit of fantasy in the Guardian about Iran forming an alliance with al Qa’eda (!!!) ?

Well, after the lead story on ABC News reported tonight what we who read the think-tank policy papers have known for ages – namely, that the US has been meddling in Iran for ages got some attention from the MSM.

It makes perfect sense now!

That bit of fluff/fantasy/fiction in the Guardian this morning was the best they could get out there on such short notice.

The thing is – anyone who reads this blog knows that I have been posting on reports from policy research organizations for a year now, saying “pardon me, but you really should be looking at the cross-border meddling that we are doing in Iran.” And pointing out that their sense of urgency where nukes are concerned is understandable to anyone who can read a map – and bothers to do so.

Here is where it gets really rich:

"The kind of dealings that the Iranian Revolution Guards are going to do, in terms of purchasing nuclear and missile components, are likely to be extremely secret, and you're going to have to work very, very hard to find them, and that's exactly the kind of thing the CIA's nonproliferation center and others would be expert at trying to look into," Riedel said.

Refresh my memory - but wasn't nuclear proliferation what valerie Plame dedicated her entire career to, before she was outed for political reasons by Vice President deserves-to-hang?

C'mon people - you know where your torches and pitchforks are, don't you?

We have long-since passed tolerable and acceptable behavior on the part of our government.

How much more is needed for you to reach the pissed-off tipping point?

(Jesus! Read the comments at The Blotter! What a bunch of reich-wing sycophants! No wonder aWol got away with referring to the Constitution as "just a god-damned piece of paper" - most of the comments over there apparently think that it's an inconvenience to their dream of an authoritarian existence the rest of us would consider a nightmare.)

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