Saturday, May 26, 2007

More proof that Doug Feith really IS the stupidest fucking guy on the planet

...and we all know that a stupid person with an agenda is a dangerous creature indeed.

Retired intelligence professional Patrick Lang related a personal anecdote about a job interview he had with Doug “stupidest fucking guy on the planet” Feith for a job in the Pentagon's Orwellian-sounding Office of Special Plans before the Iraq war was launched. (Read his seminal 2004 essay, Drinking the Kool Aid, here)

Had the consequences not turned out so tragically I would laugh at the stupidity personified in Feith. Instead I am on the verge of trembling with rage.

He was sitting there munching a sandwich while he was talking to me,” Lang recalled, “ which I thought was remarkable in itself, but he also had these briefing papers — they always had briefing papers, you know — about me.

“He’s looking at this stuff, and he says, ‘I’ve heard of you. I heard of you.’

“He says, ‘Is it really true that you really know the Arabs this well, and that you speak Arabic this well? Is that really true? Is that really true?’

“And I said, ‘Yeah, that’s really true.’

‘That’s too bad,” Feith said.

The audience howled.

“That was the end of the interview,” Lang said. “I’m not quite sure what he meant, but you can work it out.”

Can’t you just see the advert for that job?

The Pentagon Office of Special Plans has an exiting opportunity for an expert in Middle Eastern affairs. Must not speak Arabic or possess any cultural understanding of the region.

So when do we get to start indicting, imprisoning and hanging some of these war criminal mother fuckers?

It is Memorial weekend. I'm a Navy brat, married to a Marine brat, and together we raised three Air Force Brats. The deaths in Iraq are too personal and too tragic and too unnecessary. We don't mind sacrifice. We get it. But I get a little pissed at being a pawn in a political gambit that costs the lives of my fellow Americans who stepped up to serve because they get it, only to be expendable cogs in the craven machinations of a neocon cabal of the stupidest fucking people the planet has ever hosted.

I am so disgusted that I can't even vent...

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